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July 21, 2011


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Costume commissions closed, wig commissions open.
The information bellow needs to be updated but I'm going to write a new journal for that.
The update means cheaper commissions.
Please note me for a price quote - send references and information on how you want the wig styled (inc colours).
The 'update' will be explained where relevant (:


I am accepting commissions now! I am busy with coursework and Midlands Expo prep but I am accepting WIG commissions.  They will be produced slower but they will get done. And knowing me, I'll complete the wig commissions whilst avoiding doing my coursework ;D

S'UP, dA?
C'mon, hear a poor person out.

What's that? You're fully opening commissions?!
You heard right, my friend!

Enough of the cheesy talk :iconcheeseplz:

There are a number of reasons why I'm opening commissions.
One of which is that my husbando, :iconjayjay-jellybean: beats me when I don't give him enough rent money ;A;
No, seriously.
Another reason is because I recently lost my job and I'm running low on funding. I can't think of any other way to earn some money except from doing this, and I refuse to sell my soul on Ebay.
This funding isn't for more cosplay or lolita.
It's for when I start my new college course in September. (Yeah, I dropped out of my first year and I'm starting fresh elsewhere. It's something that I really want to do in the future).
But this course requires equipment that I don't have. It's also a very time consuming course so I may end up being even more inactive than I usually am. Therefore, I'll only be taking commissions until September.
I am aware that I don't have much to offer for commissions and I know that my skill level isn't very high, but I would greatly appreciate it if you were to consider my commission service as an option (:

Sob story over, it's onto business.

I'll be opening cosplay commissions
I will not be accepting art commissions because I can't draw anything but fashion illustration these days. Also, my tablet doesn't work with my netbook :'D
Here is what I can offer: (… for reference, also see my dA gallery.)

:bulletred: Clothes
*Most jackets Zips would be functional, but buttons and pockets would be decorative only
*Most skirts
*Arm and leg warmers
*and some accessories mainly bowslolita, sailor moon, etc

Articles would be made from what I think is appropriate but suggestions are welcome.
I also buy my fabric from local stores. They have quite a big range but I can't guarantee anything.
I'll work with most materials except most very thick materials (like pleather). My machine just can't handle it.
Also please note, the seams will not be 'finished' because I do not own an over locker.  However, the money used made from commissions is going towards one as it is required for my course.

The total cost is worked out by:
Estimated cost of materials + %(depending on the difficulty) + Bus fare to get to the fabric stores (£4)
I then ask for ¾ of the estimated cost before I begin production.
After it is complete, I ask for the remainder + P&P. Meet up/ Pick up can be arranged.
I cannot estimate prices for these types of commissions here. Please PM/Note me for a proper quote.

:bulletred: Wigs
I'll do pretty much anything and everything within reason.
I am taking Roxas wig commissions this time. They will be styled much like my own wig. I send a wig colour swatch to anybody interested. Right now, I have 5 colours to choose from (each wig connected to the swatch is different). I am unable to buy the base wig I originally used for my own Roxas wig because it was a one-off so the wigs I used are similar, but by no means the same.
My spikey wigs are usually very durable (but I cannot guarantee this). My Roxas wig for example… I can flatten the spikes down completely with my hand and they will spring back up immediately. This wig also survived a flight to Paris at the top of my suitcase, completely pancaked.

Wigs will be ordered from online.
All wigs will be high quality fibre.

The total cost is worked out by:
The price of the base wig (Inc it's shipping to me) + other materials required (such as hairspray) + %(depending on the difficulty)
The price given here is the final price minus P&P
I ask for all of the money upfront before I begin production.
After it is complete, I ask for you to pay for the P&P. Meet up/ Pick up can be arranged.
I cannot estimate prices for these types of commissions here. Please PM/Note me for a proper quote.

Technical stuff:
I will ship internationally except to Italy.
I accept Paypal and Cheque(UK only). I also accept cash in person only.
Payments must be made in GBP only.
For clothing commissions, the ¾ is non-refundable if you back out until after I have been able to sell the item. Only ½ will be returned to you.
For wig commissions, the full price is non-refundable if you back out until after I have been able to sell the wig. Only ½ will be returned to you.
For the above, I must be able to sell the item at the original commission price. If not, you will only be refunded the percentage of which I sold it at. (I hope that makes sense!)
PayPal fees are the buyer's responsibility unless sent by gift.
Loss of contact after 48 hours will be interpreted as loss of interest.
Once the item has left my hands, I am not responsible for any damage or loss.
I reserve the right to refuse commissions.
Unless otherwise specified, I ship via first class. This does not include tracking or insurance.
For international transactions, I will mark the package as a gift. Value declared is up to the buyer.

I can provide a link to my Ebay Feedback upon request.

Commissions will close at the start of September or when I feel that I have enough commissions to handle at once.

Please PM/Note me for a quote.
Please state character and series name/ source.
Please supply references images show the front, back, sides and any details.
Feel free to request something to be done different than on the references.

Thank you for reading (:
If I've missed something out, please tell me!

Detective Captain Chee

:bulletred: MCM Manchester Expo 2011
:bulletred: Tokonatsu
:bulletred: MCM Expo October 2011

:bulletyellow: Tsutomu Yamaguchi - Gokinjo Monogatari
:bulletyellow: Nagisa Aoi - Strawberry Panic
:bulletyellow: Stocking Anarchy, Fly Away Now - Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt
:bulletyellow: Sailor Star Healer - Sailor Moon Stars
:bulletyellow: God Tier John - Homestuck… for full costume lists (Complete, in progress and planned)

*Commissions open! Please PM/Note me for a price quote!

Art account: :iconreversewaltz:/Very inactive.
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quietlyintheshadows Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014
Hello! I was wondering if you are currently open for commissioning? If you are I was wondering how much it would cost (US Dollars) to get a shirt for Damara from homestuck?
BubblegumsProblem Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014
I'm not currently open, sorry. I'm in the process of moving so I can't accept any x
JingleBeats Featured By Owner May 1, 2014
Are commisions still opened because i am looking for someone to make a god tier jade harley outfit, since i have barley any sewing skills but im planing on cosplaying Grimbark jade
BubblegumsProblem Featured By Owner May 2, 2014
I wont be opening commissions again until July because I'm behind on current commissions and I'm currently in full time rehearsals for a musical x
JingleBeats Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014
Oh okay! well when they are opened again i would like to get a quote for an outfit of Dave's. so i can't wait until they are opened again!
PrincessPapaya13 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
*rolls around* um hi are you open? I mean actually I just wanna know somethings
BubblegumsProblem Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014
Hey, sorry for my late response. I don't come on here very often! 
Yes, my commissions are still open depending on your commission deadline (: x
PrincessPapaya13 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Can you do canes? (Example Terezi's dragon cane?) No time limit as I like to make sure artists and designers have a comfortable working span (unless it takes a year Xp)
BubblegumsProblem Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014
Oh sorry no, I'm not a prop maker. 
That could probably be done quite easily yourself though! The hardest bit would be moulding the top of the cane. 
PrincessPapaya13 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahhh I thought so haha.

sadly I just don't have the fingers to hold my hand still enougg for molding. Thank you anyways!
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